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Welcome to Wollongong’s Home of the Performing Arts


11 - 12 Oct

Learn the Junklandian ways of creative recycling and music.

By Junkyard Beats

Junkyards Beats took IPAC by storm in 2022 with their high energy, sustainable, fun The Box Show. Now they are back with more amazing junk percussion in JUNKLANDIA! This show is a spectacle of rhythm, dance, circus and comedy, guaranteed to blow your mind!

With an incredible ‘Junk Orchestra’ grand finale, everyone will be equipped with a recycled instrument, and come together to create a one-of-a-kind Junkyard Band! Uniting in rhythm, music, and movement, kids can experience the tangible power of collaboration and teamwork whilst having fun!

Join the dynamic adventure of these musical misfits as they repurpose the junk that the world has forgotten.


Writers Oded Prior, Tom Fitzsimons and Kobe Bakonyi

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