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Disablility Trust Program

In partnership with The Disability Trust to provide people with disabilities the opportunity to participate in a program of activities working with professional theatre artists.

All activities are tailored towards the needs of the participants, enabling them to learn new skills, perform on stage and develop their creative side in a fun and supportive environment.

Altogether Drama and Junior Drama Classes  

We support the Trust’s weekly drama classes for Junior (10-13) and Senior (14 and over) participants. These classes are taught by theatre professionals. The fun and creative program provides opportunities for participants to develop a broad spectrum of skills in performance-making.

In addition, Weekend Workshop Intensives open to participants who attend the weekly classes. Intensives are a fun and creative program of activity offered over two full days, and offer participants the opportunity to learn skills such as clowning, music, costume, film-making, hula hooping, movement, improvising, story-telling and working with video and lighting technology. There is a fee for attendance.

Altogether Drama - End of Year Show

An end of year show involving Altogether and Junior Drama participants is created every second year. The work is created during weekly classes, with extra classes added as show time gets closer. The production aims to showcase the skills and abilities of all participants.

In years when there is no end of year show, participants may present short works as part of The Disability Trust end of year concerts and/or participate in Wollongong’s community festival Viva la Gong.

Professional Theatre Opportunities 

Merrigong Theatre Company is committed to developing and producing professional mixed abilities theatre in the Illawarra. To date we have produced two original works, The Man Who Dreamt the Stars (2014) and The Outside Man (2017) in association with The Disability Trust.

Merrigong is committed to supporting the Trust Ensemble, a collective of 7 artists with a perceived intellectual disability who make original theatre works. The ensemble meet every week to develop new performance projects. These projects undergo a lengthy development process to produce high calibre theatre productions for our main stage season, every three years. You can find more information on these productions here.

We would like to thank Peoplecare for their support in helping Merrigong engage with young people in the Illawarra by funding projects that create and facilitate inspiring theatre experiences.

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