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30 May - 1 Jun

Meet Elsie, a gender-fluid twenty-something who can’t leave her tiny apartment.

By Alicia Battestini and Vestri Mendum

Open the door and free-fall into a world where fantasy and the joy of play are Elsie’s way of making sense of it all. Created and performed by two artists from different generations of contemporary circus, each of whom have struggled with their own mental health, Elsie is a tender, hilarious exploration of what it is to live with overwhelming mental health challenges.

Using a language of highly skilled aerial performance and a gallery of mad characters, the performers romp through mental health, gender, and identity. Part David Bowie, part teenage girl, Elsie’s world inside her grubby apartment is gorgeous and fragile.

Cast and Creative Team

Cast includes Alicia Battestini and Vestri Mendum


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