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Lily Hayman

MERRIGONGX 2020 Artist Profile


Lily Hayman is a theatre maker and performer from Sydney, she grew up on Dharawal land which was never ceded. Her work focuses on challenging notions of  passive spectatorship, while staging the extraordinary magic of Australian stories.

Artist Statement

The process of creating Fledgling, an adaptation of local novelist Joshua Lobb’s The Flight of Birds, has been exceptionally collaborative. From the first readings of the original novel, the cast has had a fundamental role in shaping the direction of the text. We began by reading aloud from our source material, finding character voices within the narratorial style of the novel and highlighting passages we could bring to life on stage. From there the process became about digging beneath the text and finding ways to stage the incredibly detailed text without words, finding a balancing point between the literary and the theatrical upon which Fledgling constantly teeters.

The work grew from a fascination with the ways that we as human beings can drastically influence one another. In the early stages of this project, we grappled with questions of politics and collective thought, before slowly honing these interests down into a pointed investigation of the impact of familial value upon the future of this planet, both ecologically and socially. We wanted to create a work that explored the full consequences of our actions upon the world we live in. The work sits in a meeting point between naturalistic drama and ardent surrealism, combining physical theatre and literary text to build a theatrical landscape that is always shifting perspective.

Lily Hayman

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