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MERRIGONGX 2020 Artist Profile


Applespiel evolved out of a shared interest in contemporary performance and a desire to develop a collaborative creative process. The collective makes work that places cultural phenomena and forms outside of those traditionally shown in theatres on to the stage, in order to deconstruct their more unsettling aspects. Applespiel are Simon Binns, Nicole Kennedy, Emma McManus, Mark Rogers, Troy Reid, Joseph Parro, Nathan Harrison, Rachel Roberts and Solomon Thomas.

Artist Statement

Sorry Sorry Sorry is a deep dive into the modern apology. Between football scandals, YouTube confessions and personal shame we investigate what makes an apology meaningful. We’re exposed to apologies more than ever before. The internet and 24-hour news cycle provide an immediate method for disseminating a heartfelt (or not) acknowledgment of failure. The ‘YouTube apology’ has become its own cultural touchpoint, with tropes and stunning examples of how the mixture of internet and competitive ‘wokeness’ has become a modern ouroboros.

The project requires us to experiment with form, and find the choreography and exhaustion of performed apologies. We’re using apologies that are written, performed, broachcast, filmed and edited – we want to bring those processes into a live theatre space in a way that is tangible and reflective. With a range of skills in performance, writing, directing, movement , music and tech , we’ve worked hard at developing a very open process where these elements will lead us to unexpected places. For this project there’s a lot of material to inhabit, a lot of apologies to try on and see how they feel, and what they mean in a performative space.


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