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Trash Talk – Development Showing

Sat 5 Oct

Inspired by the hyper reality of World Wrestling Entertainment.

A great opportunity to see how new work comes to life and be a part of its development.

This brand new work in progress explores the dangerous impact of imagined realities when they become the tools of the powerful. Told from the unique perspectives of its performers, this show in the making is taking a gladiatorial approach to truth-telling in an age of lies.

Uncovering the Ensemble members’ personal stories of school and workplace bullying – as both the bully and the bullied, we investigate fear and how it manifests itself in both private and public spheres.

The Strangeways Performance Ensemble have been playing out real-life scenarios naturalistically but are merging them with a hyper-reality which resembles World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and the night of a big match. This showing will see the Ensemble testing out the various tropes that WWE offers – including heightened characters, soap opera and fantastical storylines, audience involvement, as well as storytelling devices such as interviews to camera and monologues.

Cast & Creative Team

Director Anne-Louise Rentell
Wrestling Consultant/Director Benny Coles
Support Worker Marion Maclean
Cast Malcolm Allison, Ethan Arnold, Jordan Bowater, Ethan Green, Rachel Head, Phillip Prentice, and Christian Tagliaferro


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