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21 - 23 Oct

Buckle your seatbelts. Dive under the dashboard. Scream in fear. You’re in for a ride!

Glen and Brittany are getting to know each other. They go for a drive in Glen’s pride and joy, a 1970s Volvo. What could possibly go wrong?

What starts out with a love song to a car, quickly turns creepy as the couple realise someone, or something, is watching them from the darkness.

Soon, engines are rumbling, rock ‘n’ roll is blaring, and total chaos is unleashed when human roadkill become the walking dead and gangs of zombies return to wreak havoc.

Watched through your car windscreen, lit by your headlights and heard through your car radio, Throttle, is a high-octane, drive-in theatre experience online anything you’ve ever seen before.

Brought to you by Helpmann Award winning dance theatre company, The Farm.

Location Alert! 

This innovative work will be performed at Bulli Showground, transforming it into a drive-in theatre experience. You watch from your car, with the soundtrack on your car radio.

Cars should arrive 45 mins prior to show time.


  • A horror movie – but theatre! … the feeling of adrenalin, bated breath… It’s sinister, it’s shocking, it’s affecting. - The Music

Cast & Creative

Creators and Directors Gavin Webber & Grayson Millwood
Creators and Original Performers Kate Harman, Essie Horn, Thomas E. S. Kelly & Michael Smith
Lighting Design and Production Management Chloe Ogilvie
Sound Design Luke Smiles
Sound Associate Anna Whitaker
Dramaturg Julian Louis
Original Motorcycle Rider Dan Reardon
Special Thanks Mark Howett, Keir Beck and AP8 stunt training
Photo by Art Work Agency

We are committed to delivering safe & enjoyable performing arts experiences.

Our venues and events are operating under COVID Safety measures in accordance with NSW Health guidelines. For more details, visit

The presentation of this show has been assisted by the Restart Investment to Sustain and Expand (RISE) Fund – an Australian Government initiative.

At The Farm, work is made in a collaborative process where everyone brings their expertise without being confined to it. All animals are equal. Commissioned and originally produced by Bleach* Festival.

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