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The Listies: ROFL (Rolling on the floor laughing)

15 - 16 Jul

This show will have you Rolling On The Floor Laughing!

Written and performed by Matthew Kelly and Richard Higgins.

The Listies, Australia’s multi-award-winning maestros of kidult comedy, win over everyone who comes to see them. Lucky for us their insane, interactive and irreverent escapades return to Wollongong to take over IPAC once again! 

The Listies tackle the most terrifyingly tortuous family situation of all: BED TIME. Rich, the exhausted parental proxy, is trying to get an early night while his hapless, hopeless housemate, Matt, deploys every trick in the book to stay up late.  

Featuring toilet paper cannons, a real life Cowasaurus, lullabies of doom, detachable legs, a panoply of puns, and possibly too many Aldi gags.  

 Gratuitous, ridiculous, hilarious, joyous and possibly hazardous, Rich and Matt are The Listies, Australia’s maestros of kidult comedy, a multi-award winning duo who win over everyone who comes to see them with their insane, interactive, illogical and irreverent escapades. 

  • hour of rambunctious fun so clever, and so perfectly attuned to its audience, it wouldn’t surprise me if The Listies became the first children’s comedy act to win top gong at the Melbourne Comedy Festival. - The Age
  • No-one else does comedy for kids this brilliantly, and what’s more the adults have just as much fun! - Sydney Morning Herald
  • The only downside of seeing The Listies is that kids may be disappointed the next time they go to the theatre because it isn’t always this awesomely excellent. - Sometimes Melbourne
  • When I saw The Listies, it affected my thinking because I really related to the comedy craft they were exercising…it got me a little bit excited to realise that when you are performing for kids, it’s just as delicate and just as sophisticated. - Frank Woodley, The Australian.

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