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Shame of Thrones: An Improv Comedy Battle Royale

Sat 8 Jun

Improv is coming!

After the success of their sold-out, extended season of Heathers: The Musical, Rising Arts Productions are returning to their roots by bringing their celebrated and unique style of improv comedy to Wollongong.

This will be a show unlike any they have done before. A cavalcade of some of the Illawarra’s best up-and-coming actors and comedians will be taking to the stage to battle one another in a knock-down-drag-out-slapstick comedy extravaganza!

These brave performers will be forced into teams and challenged to compete in a series of increasingly bizarre improv games. At the end of each round these teams will be torn apart and judged by the most vicious and bloodthirsty creatures imaginable… A live theatre audience!

For one night only, Rising Arts Productions will be handing power to their audience members, who will decide which performers get to survive to the next round, and which ones will be eliminated. Prepare yourselves for broken alliances and an abundance of betrayals, as each performer fights for their chance to be crowned as the one true winner of the Shame of Thrones.

Performers won’t just need to worry about their fellow competitors – they will have to face the harrowing horrors of no scripts, no plans and no clue what they are doing. With the help of audience suggestions, our intrepid comedians will create scenes so outlandish they can (and will) never be seen again in an interactive night of comedy like no other. Throw in Rising Arts Productions signature penchant for quirky comedy and some Emmy Award worthy plot twists, and you have a show that will leave you on the edge of your seat and your stomach muscles sore from laughter.

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