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Merrigong Talking Point – The Capitalist Religion

Sat 9 Feb

The Capitalist Religion: trust, money, and our collective imagination.

A conversation with Writer, Performer & Hoipolloi’s Artistic Director Shôn Dale-Jones; and University of Wollongong Sociology Senior Lecturer Dr. Andrew Whelan

This Merrigong Talking Point accompanies the performance of The Duke (played in repertory with Me & Robin Hood)

The truly unique trait about human beings is our ability to create and believe fiction; we use stories to create new realities all the time! Of course not all fictions are shared by all humans, but at least one has become universal in our world, and this is money.

Money isn’t a material reality—it is a mental construct. But why does it succeed? Though not all people believe in the same god or obey the same government, we are all willing to use the same money…

Join us for our first Talking Point of the year with Artistic Development Manager Leland Kean in conversation with Hoipolloi’s creator & performer Shôn Dale-Jones and University of Wollongong Sociology Senior Lecturer Dr. Andrew Whelan as we discuss the widening gap between rich and poor, and ask whether art really can change the world.

Shôn Dale-Jones | Writer, Performer & Hoipolloi's Artistic Director

Shôn Dale-Jones is Hoipolloi’s Artistic Director. For almost twenty-five years he has worked as a writer, director, performer and producer, making over twenty new live theatre and comedy shows, online digital work, radio and film. He is best known as an award-winning writer/performer with his comic creation, Hugh Hughes and his hit shows Floating, Story of A Rabbit, 360, Stories from an Invisible Town and Things I Forgot I Remembered.

His work has toured all over the UK, Europe, USA, Canada and Australia and has been supported by the Cambridge Film Festival, Barbican, National Theatre Studios, Royal Court, National Theatre Wales and the BBC. Shôn has won various awards, including two Scotsman Fringe First Awards; Three Weeks Editor’s Award; Time Out Critics Choice; Total Theatre Award; BBC Audio Award for Best Scripted Comedy; M-i.e. Award – Best Live Theatre Event, Melbourne, Australia. Alongside making live shows, he is currently developing work for both BBC Radio Four and working with Jon Plowman.

Dr Andrew Whelan | Senior Lecturer in Sociology at UOW

Andrew Whelan (Ph.D. Trinity College, Dublin) is a senior lecturer in Sociology at the University of Wollongong. His research interests include online music subcultures and the distribution of music in digital formats, and the roles of digital documents in bureaucratic governance.

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