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Kabaret Dietrich

Sat 26 Sep

A beautifully rendered musical biography rich in satire and sophisticated sexuality.

Reimagine a 1930s speakeasy cabaret club in the Weimer Republic of Berlin. Nikki Nouveau embodies the immortal memory of Marlene Dietrich in her timeless Kabaret Dietrich. A beautifully rendered musical biography and uniquely inspiring interpretation of one of the greatest style icons of our time.

At one time Hollywood’s highest paid actress, Marlene Dietrich died penniless. Her fascinating story is reimagined through her famous character Lola Lola in the classic film ‘The Blue Angel’.

Kabaret Dietrich is rich in satire and sophisticated sexuality, unmasking the trials of an ageing film star, from her early beginnings as a musician, an under-recognised performance career in cabaret and theatre, through to her emergence as a shining legend of the silver screen. Dietrich was at heart a gentleman, prepared to take on a man’s world in a man’s uniform with a man’s daring.

Featuring a repertoire of classic songs – ‘Boys In The Back Room’, ‘Lili Marlene’, ‘La Vie En Rose’, and a stunning rendition of ‘Falling In Love Again’ played on the musical saw by Nikki Nouveau. The show is delivered in German, French and English with piano and accordion accompaniment.

This beautifully rendered musical biography of Marlene Dietrich featured at the 2018 Melbourne Cabaret Festival performing to 5 star reviews.


  • Nouveau in full voice is mesmerising... her phrasing between singing and narrating is flawless... the epitome of class and reinvention. - Theatre People
  • Beautifully rendered biography through song, dance & music of legendary Marlene Dietrich. - Fourth Wall Media
  • Nouveau played a stunning musical accompaniment to her rendition of Falling In Love Again as part of her entrancing Fringe World tribute to the great chanteuse Marlene Dietrich, bringing out a saw and bow and whipping up a haunting melody. Who would have thought a carpenter's saw could sound so fine? - Perth Cafe Culture
  • Nikki nails the unique timbre of Dietrich's voice and accent. - Toorak Times

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