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Effie in Love Me Tinder

Fri 11 Oct

You'll only be swiping right for this hot show.

After a sold-out national tour of Star Wogs in 2018, and two successful national tours in 2016 & 2017 of her critically acclaimed one-woman show: Effie the Virgin Bride, Effie is back on stage with her new stage show Love Me Tinder.

In Love Me Tinder Effie holds up a mirror to the complexities of finding love and keeping it, as only she can. The urge to swipe left or right or to scratch that 7-year or 7-month itch is hard to resist even with the greatest of willpower.

Who isn’t on Tinder? How can we humans claim to be evolved and yet still have such animal urges? Is it possible to be smokin’ hot and hit upon every day and still stay faithful? Hello, if love is the answer, then why are there so many questions? Is it love at first sight or love at first swipe? If I had you at hello then why can’t I get rid of you at goodbye? If love don’t cost a thing, then why is divorce so expensive?

Don’t miss your chance to laugh out loud, and see this Logie Award-winning living legend up close and very personals.


  • Effie is sharp, funny and fearless - Daily Review
  • Take your partner, take your best mate, even take your mum but maybe don’t take your priest - Australian Stage
  • You get the feeling Effie will never be a Wog Out Of Work - Herald Sun

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