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Fri 3 May

A gutsy and moving exemplar of homegrown blues talent

Backsliders return to The Music Lounge, Friday May 3, 2019 playing tracks from their latest album plus music from their 30 year history.

Over a century ago, north of the steamy Mississippi delta, a certain strain of the blues manifested, feeding off the hardship of the people who lived there, their lives and stories set to a sound now regarded as part of the blueprint for modern music.

It’s from this almost primeval sound that Australian blues stalwarts Backsliders take their sonic cues. That driving, repetitious groove, its minimal chord changes giving it a distinct feeling and focus, something Backsliders have proven adept at mastering, all while adding their own, unique Australian way to it.


  • A Backsliders show is like no other… Far from the Mississippi delta, they took us to the water’s edge, ‘til we felt the riverbed beneath our feet. - Rhythms Magazine
  • It is no wonder that The Backsliders are regarded as Australia’s greatest blues outfit: they consist of four world-class exponents of their respective instruments. - Glam Adelaide
  • This is one tightly rehearsed outfit, which may have something to do with the fact that they have been working together for many years and are masters of their respective crafts. - BWW Reviews

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