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MERRIGONGX 2020 Artist Profile / Project 'Under Wraps'


Carly Young, Jackson Davis, Steve Wilson­ Alexander, and Solomon Thomas are re:group performance collective: a multidisciplinary group  of artists based in Hobart, Wollongong and Sydney. Inspired by the highs and lows of pop culture,  we make ambitious, large-scale, live cinematic  performances that are deliberately accessible and formally rigorous.

Artist Statement

Our development process involves rigorously studying genre specific film language, narrative and cinematography to develop a screenplay for the stage. We storyboard each scene, identifying the framing and camera placement, and place this form within the constraints of live theatre. By developing a meticulous choreography, performers then double as editors,  cinematographers and film crew, rushing across the stage to achieve visual synergy on the screen. The end result is ‘the making of a movie’, where the audience  watch a film as it is performed, edited and screened in real time.

We have made two previous works that we now refer to as live cinema, Lovely (PACT, 2014) and Route Dash Niner: Part II (Merrigong, 2016). Our latest project explores the viability of relationships as we age, the sustainability of collective arts practices in Australia, and the next incoming wave of automation in industry. Our source materials are iconic movies, scenes and cliches. We deal in nostalgia, but not-in order to grift you – we hold up the shortcomings and sadness of sentimentality, along with the warm and the playful. Our work is rigorous and accessible, complex and inclusive.

– re:group

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