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Welcome to Wollongong’s Home of the Performing Arts

Lisa Maris McDonell

MERRIGONGX Artist Profile


Lisa Maris McDonell is an Illawarra-based dance artist who has been creating and presenting performance works in various contexts in Australia and internationally since 1996.  

Artist Statement

“The $20 Commission Project and its performance offshoot, The Lobster, were conceived during the COVID lockdown of 2020. While airlines, construction, sport, and travel industries were given lifelines, the arts were provided little in the way of support, and those who stayed in the industry had questions about the system they were participating in.  

The $20 Commission Project asks: what is an artist worth?  

To answer this question I approached choreographers from around the world and asked them to create a dance work worth $20 on me, a middle-aged mother of three from the suburbs of Wollongong. The Lobster weaves these choreographies with storytelling, video projection and $20 soundbites provided by professional musicians from the South Coast. This is a performance that encourages audiences to consider the worth of artists within a society that asks for everything to have a dollar value.” – Lisa Maris McDonell 


Reserve your spot here to see The Lobster ($20 Commission Project).

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