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Kirby Medway & Solomon Thomas

MERRIGONGX Artist Profile


Kirby Medway is a writer and theatre maker who has presented work at a range of contemporary and experimental art festivals.  

Solomon Thomas is a theatre maker, performer, puppeteer and video designer who explores the intersection between the physical and digital in theatre.  

Artist Statement

UFO started from a desire to make a theatre show that involved an actual ‘life-sized’ UFO landing. Solomon pitched this idea to Kirby, who produced a work of speculative fiction, or more accurately, an anti-blockbuster – in opposition to the expanded genre of science fiction it might normally occupy. As a way of capturing the scale of the landing, Solomon created small-scaled miniatures, repurposing 3D modelling techniques to create theatrical puppets. Scans of the actor’s bodies are replicated via a 3D printer, complete with moving parts.

Kirby Medway & Solomon Thomas


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