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Kay Proudlove

MERRIGONGX Artist Profile


Kay Proudlove is a South Coast performer, writer and composer who has toured worldwide with her live shows, and worked on various music, theatre and dramatic arts projects. Kay’s new work transforms her naïve teenage diaries to a collection of intimate, vulnerable but hilarious indie-folk songs.  

Artist Statement

“The inspiration for Dear Diary came from moving house and stumbling across the journals of my teenage years. The entries were heartbreaking, funny and vulnerable, which to me is a winning combination when it comes to writing songs and making art. Delving into this time capsule of teenage Kay naturally led to making comparisons between the past and present, which has been a strong narrative drive during the development, with the assistance of dramaturg Phil Spencer. Dear Diary takes a look at what we hold on to in our lives (both physically and mentally), why we keep these things and when it’s the right time to let them go, if ever.” – Kay Proudlove 


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