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Elana Stone & Tom Hogan

MERRIGONGX Artist Profile


Elana Stone is a singer, songwriter, and bandleader of the ARIA award-winning folk and alt country act All Our Exes Live In Texas. She is an ongoing member of Missy Higgins’ band, and has collaborated with the likes of Josh Pyke, Ngaiire, and Melbourne comedy group Tripod.  

Tom Hogan is a multidisciplinary artist and musician working on Gadigal land, Sydney. His work is focused on myth and authenticity, explored through comedy, music and storytelling.  

Artist Statement

“A musical about Burke & Wills seems a little… on the nose, and is an ambitious undertaking for two, middle class, white musicians. Most of us know some part of their story, and saying it’s a musical certainly conjures up a particular type of show. But it’s a story that needs to be told. It’s a musical that’s not just about some financially well-endowed white men walking into the desert with a bathtub dreaming of everlasting historical relevance; Mount Hopeless is about colonisation, the effects of ignoring the wisdom of the traditional owners of this country, and the repercussions of enforcing your will upon the environment. These themes are front page issues on our newspapers today as our country burns. It’s important that we examine our own lives and look at what not to do; Burke & Wills provide us with a list of hilarious examples of exactly how to royally f**k up when navigating this country – with profoundly serious consequences.

The real trick is that it’s also a comedy…and it’s not that kind of musical.”  – Elana Stone and Tom Hogan


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Digital Taster

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