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MERRIGONGX Artist Call Out 2021 – Application Form

Please ensure that you have read all of the information on our MERRIGONGX 2021 Artist Call Out page prior to completing your application.

NOTE: We strongly recommend that you prepare your answers in a word document and then complete the form when you’re ready, as this form can’t be saved. Attach any material including images, CV’s, diagrams, script samples, brochures etc. into a single pdf (10MB max.) and attached in the upload section of the form. We strongly encourage visual material if available. Images submitted by successful candidates will be used to promote their work unless new images are provided.

    Submissions close by 19 October 2020


    What level of support are you seeking?

    Development OnlyDevelopment & Presentation


    Contact Name:(required)



    Contact Email:(required)


    Short Company and/or Artist bio:(required)


    Project Name:

    How would you describe the style of project? (Select all that apply)

    Music / Gig
    Spoken Word
    Other-Please specify

    Please provide a brief description of the project:

    Outline the concept, describing why it is new, experimental or interdisciplinary. Identify what it is you are doing or would like to do, along with your ambitions for the work. If there is any draft material, please include it in your EOI.

    Project Duration:

    3 weeks (incl. 3 night public performance season in the final week)
    2 weeks (incl. the above OR an optional private industry showing for development only)
    1 day/night only
    Regular monthly space/development
    Regular weekly space/development
    Other-Please specify

    What are the main outcomes of the project?
    e.g. presenting new work / work in development / community engagement / career development / exposure

    Why do you want to present/develop this work as part of MERRIGONGX and for an Illawarra audience?

    Please provide a brief project plan and timeline on how you will structure your development.

    Please list any previous or future seasons, developments, funding or support for this project:

    Preferred location/presentation spaces. Select all possibly locations that you would consider.
    Abbreviations: Illawarra Performing Arts Centre (IPAC), Wollongong Town Hall (WTH)

    Please outline any technical specifications, support, equipment and production requirements: Merrigong offers space, technical staff, LX and SX support. Please indicate what equipment you will be bringing yourself, and/or what you require from Merrigong

    Please list the key artists involved and their role/s in the project:

    Age demographic of your intended audience (please select all that apply):


    Please provide CV's / Bios of key artists involved:

    Please provide up to 5 links to websites including any relevant video/image examples of your work: I.e. Link/Password/Description

    Link 1:


    Link 2:


    Link 3:


    Link 4:


    Link 5:


    Upload your supporting document:

    Please collate and attach supporting documentation into a single PDF (10MB max.). We strongly encourage visual material if available. Images submitted by successful candidates will be used to promote their work unless new images are provided.

    How did you hear about us?

    Other-Please specify:

    All projects submitted remain the property of the independent artist/group, whether or not they are selected. If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact our Artistic team via

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