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From the Artistic Director

Finding our place

Many of us who work in the theatre can pinpoint the moment we fell in love with it. When we knew that we wanted to be on stage, or backstage, or around theatres for the rest of our lives. We had found our people, our purpose, the thing that made us tick.

For all of us, whether it is discovering our profession, our purpose, or the town or community where we feel we truly belong, finding our place in the world is perhaps the essential quest of a lifetime. And theatre can be a priceless guide on that quest. In showing us the struggle, triumph, and elation of others finding their place, we get to see a reflection of our own journey.

In our 2019 Season, a diverse cast of characters strives to find their place in the world. In The Duke and Me & Robin Hood, master storyteller Shôn Dale-Jones looks us straight in the eye and asks us to consider what really matters in this world. There’s Annie, plucking up the courage to dance for herself in The Humours of Bandon; Barbara and her sister René undertaking an epic rock ‘n’ roll fuelled journey back home in Barbara and The Camp Dogs; while in the stunning musical Once, a guy and a girl meet and lead each other back to the one thing that truly gives their lives meaning – music. Dancenorth’s Dust explores how our place in the world is impacted by what we inherit from our forebears; in Arthur Miller’s A View from the Bridge, the migrant experience in 1950s Brooklyn is a timely reminder of how much belonging matters when you are cast as an outsider; and in I Want to Know What Love Is, we see glimpses of 800 anonymous stories of people’s real life search for love.

Of course, in all this searching and striving, we mustn’t forget to laugh along the way, and we’ve got plenty of jesters to keep us company on this journey – from Jonathan Biggins’ brilliant comedic turn as an Ex-PM in The Gospel According to Paul, to Lano and Woodley’s hilarious FLY, and the lo-fi triumphant mayhem of The 39 Steps.

I hope that the experiences we offer you at Merrigong can be a guiding light or at least a delightful distraction on the never-ending journey to finding where you belong, and that in 2019 you will

find your place here, with us, in the theatre.

Simon Hinton
Artistic Director / CEO

Season 2019

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