Get More from your Theatre Experience

Join the conversation and enhance your experience with these great opportunities to learn more about the theatre.

Post-show Q&As

For most shows in our Mainstage Season we offer at least one performance where the audience is invited to stay for a conversation with the cast, and sometimes show creatives too. This is a perfect opportunity to gain deeper insights into a show and how it was made.

Free cast sheets

We provide a free cast sheet for most Mainstage Season shows. Like a mini-program, cast sheets provide insights into the people behind the work and its creation. Check with our
friendly Front-of-House staff when you attend a performance.

Merrigong Talking Points
Learn more about theatre, the arts and the world around us! Everyone is invited to join our eclectic and engaging series of foyer talks, designed to complement our Season. Held after Saturday matinee performances of most Mainstage season shows, Merrigong Talking Points are free and run for approximately one hour. No bookings required. Check show pages for dates and times.

The Talking Points for 2018 are:

Black is the New White - Merrigong Talking Point, Saturday 24 February, 4.15pm
Calamity Jane - Merrigong Talking Point, Saturday 10 March, 4.10pm
Taha - Merrigong Talking Point , Saturday 24 March, 3pm
The Aspirations of Daise Morow - Merrigong Talking Point, Saturday 12 May, 3.05pm
Lost Boys - Merrigong Talking Point, Saturday 2 June, TBC
The Beginning of Nature - Merrigong Talking Point, Saturday 30 June, 3.05pm
The Events - Merrigong Talking Point, Saturday 28 July, 3pm
Humans - Merrigong Talking Point, Saturday 18 August, 5pm
Horror - Merrigong Talking Point, Saturday 8 September, 3.05pm
The Orchid and the Crow - Merrigong Talking Point, Saturday 13 October, 2.55pm
Prize Fighter - Merrigong Talking Point, Saturday 3 November, 2.55pm

Talking Points run for approximately one hour and are free. No bookings required. 

Pre-show reminders

To make sure you don’t miss a thing, we’ll send you a ticket reminder 1-2 days before your chosen performance. Please provide your email address when booking.