Board and Staff

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Board of Directors

Wayne Morris (Chairman)
Steve Sanders
Tanya Brown
Leigh Colacino
Peter Copeland
David Farmer
Kristy Wandmaker
John Peedom
Bridgette Van Leuven 

Merrigong Staff

Artistic Director / CEO
Simon Hinton

General Manager
Pauline Doyle

Assistant To The Artistic Director / CEO
Nicole McLennan

Artistic Development Manager
Leland Kean

Associate Producer
Annie Clapton

Program Manager

Kristopher McDowell

Program Coordinator
Sarah Knight

Program Coordinator
Monique Davis

Education Coordinator
Drayton Morley

Director of Finance & Governance
Judi Douglas

Finance Assistants
Ann Coso & Jeannine Mulligan

Marketing & Development Manager
Rachel Dyer

Marketing Campaign Specialist (Artistic)
Edie Watt

Marketing Campaign Coordinator (Strategic Events)
Amandine Faggotter

Marketing Campaign Coordinator (Hirer Events)
Katelyn Milevski

Marketing Coordinator (Digital Content)
Alexi Phelps

Box Office Manager
Linda Hanbury

Production & Technical Manager
Philippa Rigter

Head of Lighting
Taryn Brown (acting)

Head of Staging
James Clarke 

Head of Sound
Elly Turner

Technical & Facilities Coordinator

Facilities Assistant
Justin Simpson

Front Of House Coordinator
Dayna Huber

Food and Beverage Manager
Eva Ceccoli 

Venue Services Administrator
Monique Davis